Day of the Dead : A Workshop in Photography, Collage & Box Sculpture: 2020: Dates TBA

While Day of the Dead is a holiday recognized all over Mexico, nowhere is it observed with more color and pageantry than in Oaxaca--which is why each year the city welcomes thousands of visitors who come to witness this unique affirmation of life and what follows.Illustrating that mixture of Catholicism with pre-hispanic religions that plays so important a role in Mexican culture, Dia de los Muertos is testament to the belief that death is definitely not an end but rather an extension of life--that the spirits of the dead not only still exist but return home annually to visit their families and loved ones. Once each year Oaxaca is totally caught up in the rich traditions of this oldest and most enthusiastically celebrated of all holidays. Everywhere is the pungent smell of burning copal together with the aromas of special moles and breads. Streets are festooned with flowers and shop windows decorated with skeletons, while all over the city cemetery vigils and lovingly fashioned altars are being readied to ensure that the departed will find their way home and be greeted with their favorite music, food and drink. Our class will have many opportunities to participate in this fascinating holiday, including exploring markets that sell traditional artifacts and decorations. Back in the studio we will construct a group altar as well as our own individual altar boxes, and one evening we will enjoy a typical Dias de Los Muertos meal there. Most memorable will be our cemetery visits during the day and again at night. Learning to photograph the ornately decorated and candle-lit gravesites is an interesting challenge. And if at first the festive mood seems a bit unsettling in such surroundings, after a few visits you'll probably find the experience a bit less mysterious but certainly no less magical! We limit workshop spaces to ensure that activities will provide an intimate, authentic experience. These will include:- Guided tours of three very different cemeteries with Mexican artist Humberto Batista, a long time Oaxacan resident.- Gallery visits to see how local artists have interpreted the Day of the Dead.- Studio instruction: shadow boxes,altar boxes, collage, painting and photography (night shooting, composition, sense of place and editing.)- And a candlelight meal served to you on the studio patio where you'll enjoy the traditional foods eaten during Dia de los Muertos. (Daily Plan is Subject to Change)

The price for the workshop is $1750. This includes your hotel room 7 nights, 8 days (no additional cost for single supplement, but $100 reduction per person for sharing a double room), guided tour and transportation to three cemeteries, home cooked traditional Day of the Dead meal, one 7”x11” light weight box for the box sculpture project, morning coffee and a farewell banquet at our favorite restaurant. BECAUSE WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE WE SUGGEST YOU RESERVE YOUR PLACE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.