In The Studio

Our goal is to refresh your artistic vision by exploring a very special place where art is found not only in galleries, museums and crafts, but also in nearly every aspect of daily life.
Stimulated by carefully chosen field trips, and your instructors’ knowledge of Oaxaca’s special places, you’ll soon find a path to your own vision of this remarkable city.
Students can focus on painting, collage, shadow boxes, paper maché sculpture and receive feedback on their photography. Explore one medium, or a combination of them.
Working side by side with other students, you’ll benefit from in-studio supervision, direction and encouragement. And during daily individual critiques and class discussions, you’ll have an ongoing opportunity to review your progress with your instructors and fellow students.
With collage, you'll learn layering, composition, enhancing forms, creating mood and adding the unexpected. Create small sculptures by constructing a simple wire structure with a form of your choice (animal, tree, plant people etc), create texture and surface through coating it with paper maché, and then paint or decorate. In the studio and in the field, you can get some guidance on how to create stronger images through studying framing, composition, light, and motion..
We are confident that you will find your visual vocabulary enriched by your experiences both in and out of our studio, and, like so many artists before you, will leave with an expanded, reinvigorated vision and work that reflects the spirit and the magic of Oaxaca.