Reviews & Artwork

"This was the best art class I have ever taken. As well as teaching technique, Humberto and Mari brought their years of unusually rich life experience to inspiring and encouraging each student. Simply visiting Oaxaca is wonderful. But to be taken through places and experiences under the guidance of two artists familiar with the territory and having their own unique perspective was invaluable. This venture into understanding the artistic soul of Oaxaca, meanwhile being encouraged while creating work of my own, was a life changing experience." Carol D., San Francisco, CA.

"To take a photography course with an expert like Mari Seder is a real treat. To do it in a place like Oaxaca is a Delicious Double Dip! " Dr. John M.,Plymouth, MA.

"Class was enthusiastically taught with constructive criticism by two professional artists. Side trips that enhanced understanding of Mexican culture were fun and informative " Gretchen M., Plymouth, MA.

"Humberto understands his heritage of Mexican art and the unique spirit of Oaxaca on every level. I think he is its resident muse. Mari sees everything through the eyes of a master photographer and teaches us to see Oaxaca the same way. Together they serve as mentors and translators of the magical realism that distinguishes this vibrant city. I’ve taken this course twice, and each time I was surprised and pleased by how much my photography and painting benefitted from their teaching." Joan G., Grafton, MA.

"If you want an experience that will explode, expand and excite all your artistic expectations then the workshop is the answer to your desires. Your are assaulted with colors, culture and knowledge of expanding your art. Mari and Humberto pushed me, pulled me and took me to a level that I didn't know I could achieve. Everybody should experience this at least once." Marlene P. Worcester, MA.

"After dreaming for a decade about making a return visit to Oaxaca, the perfect opportunity presented itself when I discovered the art immersion experience offered by Mari and Humberto. Arriving with the conviction to focus on photography rather than collage,
I found myself swept up by the creative studio atmosphere and friendly encouragement of my student companions, who since have become friends. I'm so proud to have opened myself to new possibilities and art forms, especially collage, and credit my instructors for crafting
ten days of mind-opening art experiences accessed through the lens of immersion in all aspects of Oaxacan culture." Nikki A., Holden, MA.
"As a beginning art student I was quite apprehensive about enrolling in Mari and Umberto’s “Photography and Collage Workshop.” While I knew I would love the environment I was afraid I would not produce a respectable collage, and worried that I would not meet expectations. However, because of the friendly and helpful contact by Mari prior to the workshop my fears began to evaporate even before I stepped on the plane. And upon arrival in Oaxaca I have never felt so welcomed, supported, and gently taught!

Since my return home I find myself on the lookout for new collage and photography ideas, and they are coming. My collage is now prominently displayed for me to enjoy daily and to recall the enchantment of being in Humberto’s studio, being fed by Mari (physically and mentally), and being immersed in the beauty and culture of Oaxaca."
Janet A., Tucson, AZ
“I loved this workshop. It was a unique and rich opportunity that integrated local cultural experiences with very individual support for my creative expression. The combined expertise that Mari and Humberto bring is rare and a wonderful opportunity for artists of all kinds. I was able to learn something about photography, collage, painting, and assemblage all in 8 days and in a small and intimate group setting. This is a workshop I would definitely take again as there is so much to learn from these two dedicated and experienced artists and from the culture of the area. Your creative soul is nourished here.” Annie R. Vancouver, Canada (Workshop 2014)

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